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traitement ostéopathique-osteopathic treamtent on the calfssur les mollets


Osteopathy is a complementary manual medicine that is part of that multidisciplinary approach which aims to restore health in patients. The term Osteopathy is derived from the Greek term for bones "ostheon" and the English "path".  indicating the manual practice that is characterized by a knowledge of the structure and functions of the human body from the anatomical point of view, physiological and psychological. 

The Osteopath sees the human body as a unit not only by the anatomical point of view. Our body is connected by muscle, ligament and fascia but it can be also seen as an expression of unity of body, mind and spirit. The human body has the capacity to heal by itself and the job of the Osteopath is to give the right tools and modifications in order to do it.

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